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"The roots of this music lie in the great legacy of jazz improvisation. But we are also striving to create our own musical expression by re-examining and renewing the fundamentals of that tradition. The diversity of our music reflects our many varied influences, while at the same time creating a sense of unity. This oneness is achieved out of our desire to play music that honestly conveys the thoughts, feelings and emotions we experience in life. The title Scatter refers to these concepts of diversity and unity, which are combined to create a music that is purely human feel."

Jim Black -- drums
Chris Speed -- tenor sax
Kurt Rosenwinkel -- guitar
Joe Fitzgerald -- bass
Andrew D'Angeal -- alto sax


SCATTER               Speed
EYES CRIES            Rosenwinkel
OLDER SPORTS          Black
KORTONE               Speed
UNITED/MUSIC          D'Angela
KELLEYSICKLE          D'Angela
LOW JOE               Black
RUMPLESTILTSKIN       Rosenwinkel
NUM6                  Black

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