The following links are culled from our experiences on the WWW, and submitted for your approval . . . We've found information on registering trademarks, acquired credit card merchant service, downloaded copyright forms, and gotten products for inexpensive prices -- all right here, right now, without leaving the building!

As a music organization, we've focused on entries that will be relevent to musicians, music business professionals, and music lovers. We've got the links to many professional music organizations, performing rights societies, music retailers and manufacturers, music business resources, and to some of our favorite performers.

Rounding out the list are links about software and computer resources, the environment/population, sites of the day, and other harmless daliances...

This list was recently pruned on November 2, 2001. I must say that it's sad how many of the cool links that were on this list were no longer available. I guess the web has grown up...I'll look for some more cool stuff for you folks as soon as I can!

Jes' sit back and enjoy the ride! - Reed

Music Sites

Professional Organizations

Audio Engineering Society
This is the Home Page of the AES.
The Society of Motion picture and TV Engineers
SMPTE is responsible for a lot of the scolarly research that goes on in the audio community...
The Society of professional audio recording services
An organization of professional recording studios...
NAB Home Page
The National Association of Broadcasters.

Music Software Sites

Berkley Integrated Software
Check out Peak, great software for 2 track editing which we use for mastering.
RealAudio Homepage
Real time audio on the net, available from a growing number of sites.

Music Trade Publications

Pro Sound News
Great trade magazine focuses on music business trends, sound reinforcement, and recording industry news.
EQ Magazine
EQ is targeted at the home and project studio owner.
Mix Magazine
Mix is the first trade magazine I became familiar with. Look at the world class studios beautifully photographed in this mag.
Keyboard Magazine
Keyboard magazine has something for every keyboardist, from one handed players to Horowitz . . . and all in between!
Cahners Publishing Company serves up a lot of publications, including the ubiquitous Variety Trade Magazine. Basically just contact info.
Billboard magazine. This is the classic "Billboard 100" publication which reports on the top songs on various charts.

Performing Rights/Trademarks/Copyrights

Broadcast Music, Inc.
One of three major performing rights organizations in the United States. Search from 7.5 items in the database.
American Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers
Another of the big three... Our Label, Changing Tones Records, belongs to ASCAP. ASCAP's got a great site, too! Search the Database, or check out their resources.
The last of the big three - another good site . . . Now all your fav performing rights orgs are right there on line -- where you need them, when you need them!
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Government information about registering your trademark
U.S. Trademark Law
this government site has the basics of copyright law
US Government Copyright Office
Copyright basics, news, forms and circulars.

Music Resource Sites

Music store reviews
reviews of record stores with on line addresses
Netscape: Music Resources on the Internet
Music sites academic, FTP, Gopher, Telnet, User maintained WWW sites, Non academic sites, Geographically specific WWW music sites, Artist specific sites.

Music for Consumption

Sony Music
The music giant is online too...
Universal Music Group
A slick site where you can shop, register for giveaways, etc.
Geffen/DGC Home Page
See their catalog and other links to music sites
Jazz Labels on the Internet
Great resource for Jazzheads. About 15 jazz labels - From small labels to the biggest.
Welcome to the World of Classical Music
This is BMG's site on the net.
The World Square Music Store
lots of small labels represented here.
jazzBytes Home
A collection of small jazz labels


Home Page Building

Build Your Own Home Page (hint - check out the grab bag)
Good links from Debby up there in Canada.
Local Help on Hypertext Setup and Usage (HTML and Xmosaic)
This document has the basics about writing the HTML code you'll need to know to make your own page.
HotJava Home Page
Java programming language is here to stay. Check out Sun's homepage here...

New York Sites

A Total New York Experience!
A Trendy N.Y. Magazine... features on models, Gif's of graffiti art, restaurant reviews, and more...
The New York Botanical Garden
Located in the Bronx, the Botanical Garden has amazing landscapes and outdoor areas. You can't believe you're in New York!
Weather Forecasts for New York City
Do I need an umbrella today???.

Search Sites and Searches on Specific Terms

This is the main Yahoo Directory.
What's New on Yahoo
This used to be a really long list, which was a good place to see the amazing growth on the Web. That's until some lunkhead decided they liked a list with only 5 things on it.
Internet Directory
Various Search Engines brought to you via CGI scripting from our friends at Netscape, that is...
In Search of Jimi ... with a little help from YAHOO...
How could we neglect a search on the keyword Hendrix, anyway?
Music Business????
A search in that YAHOO thing again --
Yahoo Directory: Business Resources
Find Credit Card Merchants, business resources, and other areas of interest to small business.
Yahoo Search: Keyword: Visa
This is for the small business looking to acquire merchent service for credit cards.
EINet Galaxy
As the name implies, links to virtually every area of discipline and interest.
IFA, Homo Ludens
Unbelievably large search site containing HTML help, home pages, pictures, graphics, software, games, space, human interest religion, books, etc.
BoWeb '98 Award Recipients
Awards for best of the web. Ok, so they're a little behind...
searches a phone number into all word possibilities
Four-One-One Directory Services
Search engine for E-mail addresses
Gopher Index gopher://
A Thesaurus
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
The online version of the classic reference text.
WWW Search and Information, HTML, etc.
Search engines, forms, Internet providers, Perl, Players, etc. brought to you by Dilip
A make your own newspaper... Also serves as an amazing source of links

Software Sites

A great site for MacIntosh Shareware and Freeware available for download now!
Index of /pub/cwis/helpers/macintosh/
Gopher site for Browser helpers such as sparkle and sound machine, for the Mac
Apple Computer
Apple/MacIntosh home page on the Web. Neato.
Microsoft Corporation World-Wide-Web Server
Hi, from Bill!!
This desktop videoconferencing software developed at Cornell. You need to have a fast modem, and don't expect to actually communicate. At T1 speeds, it's impressive software though!

Commerce on the Web

Welcome to the MusicPro Home Page
This Company provides internet services to the music community.
Barcode Server
Input a number into this simple program, and the machine readable bar code for that number is generated. Save the image, and you have the bar code for your next product.
UPS Home Page
You can track packages by email.
Fedex on the net
A neat way to pay for stuff, or be paid, if you are not a credit card merchant.
DigiCash ecash - ecash home page
This is the link to the page to accept Ecash as a merchant. Mail to to get yours listed in thier list.

Entertainment URL's

Universal Studios
The one and only . . .
NBC Television Home Page
NBC gives us Conan. That should be enough!
CBS Television Home
The Eye on the Net...
Who wants to be a millionaire??? - me.
Explore Pathfinder
Time Magazine on the Net...

The MacIntyre Building

MacIntyre Music Home Page
MacIntyre Music Recording Studio
Changing Tones On Line
Search and order the music of Changing Tones artists as well as selected jazz titles.

Publicizing your site

Submit It!
This great resource allows you to submit your resource to multiple search engines at once.
Netsurfer Digest
A Cyberreference magazine which has listing of new or good sites.
GNN NetNews
The submit page from Webcrawler.
Lycos URL Registration Form
You may register your own URL for listing here.
List of Robots
List of search sites w/ email contacts
Register with the WWW Worm
Registration form.

Miscellaneous Interest

Virtual Tourist World Map
Shows where web servers in the world exist
Encyclopedia Britannica
A subscripyion service, but who among us couldn't use some extra help in the brain department?
The Cool Word of the Day Page
Increase your vocabulary on a daily basis.
The Garden Gate
Gardening tips and resources.
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
A non profit civil liberties organization.

The Environment / Population

Falcon Home Page
...or check out the Peregrine's Home page. Originally, they put up a live camera feed of a Peregrine falcon's nest (they're roosting on a ledge at the University of Calgary). Now they don't have the camera feed . . . but they still have the magic . . .
Welcome to the Rainforest Action Network Home Page
A portion of the proceeds from our Album - Tomas Jones, My Happiness - go to this cause. Check out the work they're doing here, and make a direct contribution if you can.
Directory of Organizations
A list of websites from the Institute of Global Research concerning human rights and environmental issues.
U.S. Census Info
This Government server has information and tables from the census.
World Population
This is an updated document showing the world's population at the time of access. Scary, Scary, SCARY! You can watch it ascending (gulp!?!).

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